Dive Guide to Aceh – The underwater treasure of west Indonesia

Dive Guide to Aceh

Writer : Dina Rosita

Photographer : Arief Yudo Wibowo, Hendra Tan, Ria Qorina Lubis, Edly Tahier, Ebram Harimurti, Gita Damarsandy

Size: 18 x 25 cm (full colour)

Pages : 80

Language: English

Price : Rp- (Not for Sale)


Dive Guide to Aceh, The underwater treasure of west Indonesia, is your detailed diving guidebook to Aceh, the western most province of Indonesia. We want to show you the richness, beauty, and uniqueness of Aceh’s underwater realm.

Weh Island, a small island at the tip of Aceh, has a unique underwater topography. Primeval volcanic eruptions left her slopes strewn with spectacular volcanic rocks that teem with marine life, found here in amazing diversity and abundance. In addition, giant gorgonian sea fans grow in lush fields across the underwater slopes and walls. Diving in Weh is not only about the bountiful marine life, but there are also wrecks that can be visited, as well as something very rare: underwater volcanic vents!

Dive guide to Aceh presents the best dive sites of Weh Island, as wellas a practical guide to travelling there, with all the tips and local information you’ll need to make your trip a great one. This handbook comes with beautiful photographs of each dive site by some of the best underwater photographers in Indonesia, and includes the true story of the conservation hero who pioneered the development of underwater Aceh.

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