Underwater Jailolo West Halmahera

Penulis: Ronny Rengkung

Ukuran: 23 x 17 cm

Jml hal: 105 hlm

Bahasa: Inggris

Harga: Rp275.000


This book will take you on a photographic journey through Jailolo, West Halmahera. Jailolo Bay is a jewel within theworld’s Coral Triangle, the region of tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Timor Leste, PapuaNew Guinea, and the Solomon Islands that is incredibly rich in marine biodiversity. Jailolo has now become famous forits many dive sites spread across the waters of West Halmahera.

Ronny Rengkung, a great underwater photographer,showcases the quiet beauty of Indonesia’s marine life.

This book will again put Jailolo on the map of the world’s great diving destinations. Jailolo is a year-round destinationwith excellent visibility, a factor that has allowed Ronny to photograph its beauty with great clarity. Ronny capturesmany great moments with interesting composition, thanks to Jailolo’s unique characteristics and varied topographies.

Inside this book, you will find coral reef walls, remarkably ancient corals, schools of fish that are not afraid of divers,diverse colors of many marine organisms, and much more, all beautifully photographed by Ronny.

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