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To become a diver, you are required to enroll in a diving training and obtain a certificate. Photodivetrip together with several diving school and instructors provided dive courses that you can follow.


This is a beginner level diving training that consists of three stages, which are:

  1. Academic session : The instructor will teach you about basic principles and procedure in scuba diving, starting from floating technique or buoyancy to introduction of diving equipments. You can do this session in class, at home, and online. In the end of the program, you have to conduct a written examination to get your certificate.
  2. Pool Training : in this stage, you will begin to practice diving techniques in pool using diving equipments.
  3. Open Water Session: Once you have learned the diving theory and technique and practiced it, now it’s the time to test your skill in the sea. We offer several diving trips to Tulamben, Bali, Bunaken, Manado, etc.,where you can practice your open water session.

Advanced Dive Course

You can take our advanced training to improve your diving skills and to boost your confidences in diving.

Adventure Dive: Explore your other interests in diving world, such as underwater photography, fish identification, or dry-suit diving.

Advance Open Water: On this level, you will learn about underwater navigation, deep dive (under 18m), and other advance skills in diving.

Rescue Diver: This training is useful to avoid and handle problems that might occur during diving.

Dive Master: To take this training, you must have good skills and a lot of logs. Dive master can be your first step to start a career in the dive world.

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