The unspoiled island of Biak is located in the Cendrawasih Bay of Papua. Biak island itself is the biggest island in the Biak-Numfor regency which has a total 67 islands. Most of the diving activities will be on the wilderness reefs of the Padaido island group, which consist of 36 Island and scattered at all reefs in the east of Biak island. The coral reefs forms fantastic underwater walls, crevices/clefts, large caves and hanging masses of corals and few slope.

On coral reefs, a tremendous collection of marine life thrives; Red and orange encrusting spongers, tube spongers, soft and hard corals, sea-fans, anemones and clown fish, red-blue pink and brown starfish, bright colored crinoids, giant tunicates, sea-whips, Spanish dancer sea slug, blue ribbon ells, lobsters, mollusks and thousands of ornamental coral fish.

The large pelagic often seen area Napoleon wrasse, turtles, stingrays, and eagle rays snappers, groupers, tunas, sharks, barracudas and dolphins.

World War II wrecks is encrusted with marine life, such as color sponges, soft and hard corals, deep water gorgonians and large schools of fish including lionfish, stonefish, jacks, giant groupers etc.

KNOWN DIVE SITES: Catalina Plane Wreck, Pulau Rani, Wundi Cave, Padaido

PHOTOGRAPHY : Wide and Macro

BEST DEPTH : 15-45 M

BEST SEASON : June to August

Sharing – Photodivetrip – 3 Diver-1 Guide
4 Days 3 Night : 5 X dive : $ 900 : Yuan 5720
5 Day 4 Night : 8 x Dive : $ 1200 : Yuan 7627

HOW TO GET THERE : Indonesia’s domestic airline scan be booked online to Frans Kaisepo Biak ( BIK) with 5 hours and 40 m via one stop in Makassar.

NOTE : –

Standard room (twin ) 3 Start ( Biak ) , airport transfer (2 ways),3 meals per day , 2 boat dives daily, tanks, air fills, weights & belt, dive guides, arrival day dinner, departure day breakfast, dinner on arrival day, breakfast on departure day, Dives are non-transferrable and unused dives non refundable
A Single Supplement of $30 USD/ Yuan 190 per night , Equipment rental, additional food and beverages ordered from Hotel’s restaurant, Room Service. Airport tax, Additional Night Dive US$ 35 / Yuan 250 ,-/dive , ,Rental Equipment US$ 30,-/full set/day.

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