Cendrawasih Bay


GENERAL INFORMATION : Mostly accessible with Live on board, Whale Sharks and Sinwa Maru WWII wreck are the main reason for divers to visit. Cenderawasih Bay’s marine diversity has earned it the name “The Galapagos of Indonesia’s reefs” by Dr Gerald Allen. As an indicator of biodiversity, marine mammals such as dolphins and dugongs are much sought-after as well as the bay has 4 species of turtle: Pacific ridley, leatherback, green and hawksbill.

Known Dive sites : Sinwamaru, Kwatisore, Sungai Omi, Tridacna Wall, Zero Plane Wreck. Photography : Wide and Macro Best Depth : 20-45 M BEST SEASON : June to October. HOW TO GET THERE : Indonesia’s domestic airline can be booked online to rendani airport Manokwari via one stop in Makassar.

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