GENERAL INFORMATION : Misool is one southernmost of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. From the island of Misool has colorful mix of beautiful reefs, macro life, lots of fish, sharks and Wobbegongs. This region is also known for strong currents. Dive sites like Fiabacet and Gorgonian Passage let each diver’s heart beat faster. Exhibiting an extraordinary degree of biodiversity this wonderful dive site has already gained worldwide recognition Known Dive sites : Boo, Fiabiacet, Blue Hole Cape Killer, Farondy, Three Sisters Rock

Photography : Wide and Macro Best Depth : 5-40 M BEST SEASON : November and February/March. PACKAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE NOW, PLEASE CONTACT FOR UPCOMING TRIP HOW TO GET THERE : Indonesia’s domestic airline can be booked online to Domine Edward Osok Sorong airport.

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