Survei & Pemetaan


Photodivetrip sebagai pengelola kegiatan survey di destinasi selam baru dan pemetaan berbagai titik selam baru guna mendata potensi wisata selam yang ada di daerah tersebut.

Survey & Mapping Work Procedures:

We conduct a survey to identify the marine resources potential, especially coral and marine ecosystem, also to decide the dive spots in a certain location.
Direct Method
Dive sites are determined visually by documenting it with underwater camera, and recording various types of marine ecosystem found in the area. This observation is done by diving.

The data entry formats to determine the dive site are: determination of the dive point’s name, temperature, depth, visibility, entry method, unique objects and ecosystem, unique ecosystem documentation, etc.
penentuan nama dive point, suhu, kedalaman, visibility, cara entry, objek khas dan biota yang ditemukan, dokumentasi biota unik, dll.

Indirect Method
Indirect method can be done in two ways:
a. Literature review: data collection of the locations that will be surveyed. The data are collected from local fisherman, dive center owner, and other information.
b. Reviewing and work map: from work map, we can acquire the general overview and condition of the sea to facilitate the field work.

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